Conjure the Magick Within...

When was the last time you expressed everything that you are, unlocking that magic that lies in all of us? Expression of self is a true art. For some it's a daily shift, for others it's a constant flow of energy. Every one of us is unique in our own way.

This world can be difficult just to live in, let alone declare all that makes you stand apart from the crowd. Living the monotony of everyday life can cause us to lose touch with our inner fire, and getting it back can be challenging. We need a silent reminder of all that we can be: a representation of that which lives in all of us.

What I design is more then just a handbag, it's a symbol; an emblem that reminds you of magick inside of you waiting to be released, ready to show the world all that you have to offer it. It is a sigil that expresses your true self with all its complicated curves and sharp edges.

When you're having that day that just seems to drag on and you feel like you just don't have it in you to go forward, take this symbol and wear it with pride. Declare to the world that you are ready to take back your fire and share it with the universe. My handbags have brought joy to myself and many others, that's my ounce of goodness that I spread to help enrich the positive energy of the world.